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"All my ex-girlfriends are Asian."

If you’ve ever come across this charming come-on, you’ve probably been exposed to yellow fever

For her full commentary watch the video here.


I removed the word rant from the link, because I felt it dismissive of what she was actually trying to communicate. 

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Say no to Sileightys ›











What about Onevia

Say yes to Onevias

What’s wrong with sileighties?

Like, even as just a limited edition…

But Type-X is so common

I know but I’m simple. I don’t ask for much. It’s actually refreshing to see a clean 180 that isn’t a clapped-out drift missile. I don’t need ridiculous body kits or anything unique. Just clean, simple, and understated.

Like I said, I’m a crotchety old man.


Shout out to frankiegatdula for providing the suspension bits!

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Me too


5 YEARS ago today, September 13, 2009

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Title: NY Artist: 50 Cent 34 plays

50 Cent - NY
5 (Murder By Numbers) Mixtape 2013






[x 1:44 mark]

I could see where he’s coming from in the sense that…Jay’s name means more to people than his actual rhymes. I mean, MCHG was such a subpar album but his name stays relevant regardless and for some reason is always a heavyweight in the game regardless of how regular he sounds nowadays.


"i rather be overrated than underpaid" ~jay-z

which is the quote 50 used to base his answers. 

I think Jay-z is great idk, I mean whatever 50 cent isn’t even relevant anymore

50 says this and it brings up some very good points about the discussion of hiphop and the direction it’s headed (especially in NY).

For starters, after Jay Z has admitted on multiple occasions that Eminem was a superior lyricist and that Eminem “murdered me on my own shit,” only to flipflop like Mitt Romney and call him overrated earlier this year. 50 Cent, if you don’t know, is more loyal to Eminem than he is to anyone else, to include Dr. Dre.

Moving on, the state of disarray in NY hiphop started with 50 Cent being cutthroat and divisive to absolutely everyone, as he has admitted in multiple interviews. Other cities beef, sure. But artists from other cities collab with, and support, each other, and they make it a point to tour in order to spread influence.

Jay Z has not implemented a unique sound in hiphop since, arguably, the The Blueprint 2 days. What he does well, aside being a lyricist and throwing the most subliminal shade ever, is take growing trends and make it his own. Up until recently, his business acumen was in question after shitting the bed at Def Jam (so they say).

50 Cent, on the other hand, has continued to bring an authentic NY sound while incorporating southern elements in his music. He lacks the lyricism, but not the grit or documented experience. He also has consistently released music since 50 Cent is the Future. All of his releases have been even more consistent with the sound that made him.

If anything, 50 Cent is underrated. I’m surprised NY doesn’t appreciate him more. Jay Z is always going to garner the support of the masses due to modern mainstream success, kanYe West, his marriage to Beyonce (and public family life), and a very diverse catalog of music.

In terms of relevance, to say 50 Cent isn’t relevant means you either are too young to understand the impact he made on hiphop or you don’t understand the genre. There’s a difference between having a preference, and actually knowing what the deal is. Hell, he made it cool for rappers to become businessmen beyond running record labels.

Let’s not overlook how epic the Ecko x G-Unit collab was for streetwear coupled with his Reebok x G-Unit deal. 

50 Cent is right. Jay Z is overrated, and he probably knows it, as he’s shown a tremendous amount of self-awareness in his music. Yes, he’s an icon. Yes, he’s one of the greatest emcees ever (Eminem, Big L, Pac, Biggie and Jadakiss, notwithstanding). He’s more of a fashion and cultural icon than he is an artist who puts listeners in the mood to run up on someone, or start from absolute nothing. And guess what? That’s fine too.

But you can’t minimize 50 Cent. Irrelevant? More like brilliant. G-Unit is back to together. His releases are completely independent with private publishing rights and largely-owned distribution. He made vitamin water popular. And through it all, you can play a 50 Cent mixtape from two years ago, when he had no radio play, and still get the same vibes you got from The Massacre… minus cuts like Candy Shop.

If anyone is irrelevant, it’s these one-hit wonders who go viral and fizzle out.

This has been your daily lesson in hiphop politics.




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whats a good city for someone from ny to move too that has a good amount of black people, not too expensive and easy to grow in i need to get outta this city asap someone help lol suggestions

Do not move to Atlanta 😒😩

What’s wrong with a town 😂

San Antonio, Tx is predominantly Latino but is extremely diverse! I’ve never met so many people from around the world before. And there’s lots of black people here too, a lot more than my home city I’ve noticed.

San Antonio does not have a large AA population. It seems that we have relatively large numbers in comparison to the white population, ONLY be cause this city is predominantly Latinx.

Otherwise, I agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment. This is a decent place for fellow social black refugees from the northeast. Would recommend.

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I’m not to be played with, because it could get dangerous, see these people I ride with? We’ve graduated to a whole new level. This moment, we own it.

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Heel and toe

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